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Configuring Windows Vista or XP, L2TP VPN connection to a server behind a NAT device.

by Peter Chodyra on Saturday, July 04, 2009 3:35 PM

You are probably wondering why L2TP VPN connection is not working when attempting to connect to a Windows Server? Is your client behind a NAT device, for example a router? Is your server behind a NAT device? Then read on this solution may be for you.

For L2TP/IPSec to work through a NAT device it needs to be manually enabled through a simple registry change. By default, for some reason, Microsoft assumed that you will be setting up L2TP VPN connections on your LAN. Hmm sounds strange?

Anyway here is a quick link to the Microsoft Knowledge Base that explains how to enable L2TP/IPSec to work through a NAT device:

Peter Chodyra

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