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Created users in AD are not showing up in SBS2008 Console?

by Peter Chodyra on Thursday, October 01, 2009 8:31 AM

Have you just installed SBS2008 and rushed into AD to create your users only to discover that they don't show up in the SBS2008 Console? Yes I am guilty too ...

Don't worry, you do not need to recreate your users to be able to manage them through the Console. The reason why they are not showing up is because if you use AD to create your users the msSBSCreationState flag is not set to "created". You can change that quite easily by running ADSIEdit.msc, going to the OU where your SBS users are by default it would be "MyBusiness->Users->SBSUsers". Right click on each user and in the Properties find msSBSCreationState attribute and edit it adding "created" in the edit field.

Ok so you have too many users? There is a better way ....

1) Go to the SBS2008 Console-> Users and Groups select the Users tab. Click on any user.

2) From the right hand side menu select "Change user role for user accounts" (if you don't have any users in the console window, just create a Test User for now)

3) Chose the Default user role and select "Add user permissions or settings". Click Next

4) Under the All user accounts selection chose the check box Display all user accounts in the Active Directory

5) Add the user accounts to the left window and select Change user role.

This process will not only change the above mentioned flag but will also create user shares and set the appropriate permissions and quotas.

Good luck.

Peter Chodyra

With over 20 years of IT Experience I still come across solutions that are not widely known or published. I hope to be able to bring them to the IT community through this blog. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.